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Travel: Langdon Hall, Canada

Travel: Langdon Hall, Canada

Coming back to Canada is such a treat for me these days. And I actually feel like such a little tourist when I get to visit new places. For me it is all about the PACK and the ROAD TRIP (can you tell I’m excited?!). What am I going to bring that will fit into a carry on? What outfits are versatile for planes, brunches, day dates, evening frolicks, weddings and what will be a fun mixture of timeless and trendy!


The adventure started with the road trip – who doesn’t love a good road trip? It also gave the perfect excuse to pick up my favourite Toronto coffee from Pilot Coffee Roasters, YUM. And I had the perfect little carry-all bag that was truly the most practical accessory of the weekend – and I was stopped so many times asking me where I got it! I’ve linked it at the bottom of my post…SO CUTE! Check out Sea & Grass totes...they are just the perfect textured accessory!


Who did it better? 

This place is a MUST visit. Langdon Hall is lovely in every sense of the word. It's set on such beautiful grounds (imagine explore post tea time!), it offers incredible spa amenities (think massages and warm fires), the most unreal meals (truffle soup I will never forget!),  and is such a great place to congregate any time of year.

It was also brought to my attention that it is one of Drake’s images in the “Views” album (I had to share this because aren’t we soooo cool?! LOL), but it has such a classic and grand feeling to it, with grounds you’ll love to explore.


Three Amigos

When I knew I was coming home for one of my dearest friends wedding at Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ontario, I was super duper excited! I knew I would be the third amigo to my other sweet friends the Valentine-Laveau’s, and so looking forward to sharing the experience with them. It is also such a beautiful property, building, and we were going to turn into a little 48 hour whirl wind!


Here for a good time, not a long time!

All the rooms are so lovely with different views of the grounds. And it is the perfect place to brunch in the hall, sit by the fire, wander with a warm cup of joe, and really get in some quality time with loved ones.

We were so lucky with the weather, the wedding was picture perfect, and we all stayed up way too late making Lindt Chocolate Smores by the fire!


Now all my little buttons are on their honeymoons (in Europe and in Africa), and I can't wait to be reunited as an version of the Three Amigos in the fall! Love these ladies and adore any place that gives us the excuse to dress up, hang out and get in some major quality time together! 


Until next time Canada... this little tourist is back to island life!

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