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Travel: The Cape, Cabo San Lucas

Travel: The Cape, Cabo San Lucas

If you want a vacation that feels like you’re staying at a private villa, having a luxurious health retreat, with fun at your fingertips and sunsets that will make you melt… The Cape, Cabo San Lucas is the place for you.

It’s quite simple for me to be writing about this location, because I just HAVE TO SHARE. My fiancée and I look at each other ALL. THE. TIME. and say “Remember The Cape? Ahhhhhh….” Whenever we’re stressed, tired, dreaming of a vacation. And now, whenever I hear someone is feeling those same emotions, I can’t help but aggressively insert myself into their trip planning and suggest THE CAPE.

But seriously, the feeling lasts much longer than the stay, and it’s somewhere you will want to go back again and again. We’ve even contemplating getting married there! It really takes your breath away.

Designed by the Mexico City architect, Javier Sanchez, The Cape offers uninterrupted views of El Arco and Bahìa San Lucas horizon, and doesn’t bombard you with any hacienda style architecture, but in effect makes you feel like you’re at your own villa, complete with outdoor swing seat and plunge pool. This special spot has it’s own Mexico-meets-surf-side-60s charm.

Here is my daily run down of what we were looking for, and what far exceeded our expectations. I’ve also thrown in a couple of tips and tricks, as we are not the most party oriented couple and tend to lean towards healthy vacations!

8:00am – No, seriously. We go to bed pretty early, even when were on vacation, and wake up as early as possible to have our “Coffee in the morning” cue Miguel song. Healthy option: Bullet Proof Coffee (espresso, grass fed butter, MCT oil, pinch of cinnamon, blend!) Watermelon PJ set, a must! 

8:05am – Coffee pot and berries arrive to room, butler service is fantastic at this hotel!

8:00-9:30am – Sit back and watch the surfers CRUSH waves, one of the highlights. They are up and at ‘em before anyone, and riding waves until the sun sets. It’s glorious. And mesmerizing.

9:30am-10:30am – Hit the gym! We like to get our sweat on early in the morning, so we can enjoy and relax the rest of the day. They have everythingyou need here, including a personal yoga space, and treadmills with the best, BEST view ever. You may never want to leave the gym! Hehe! On vacations I like to go a little lighter with the weights and go for a long run, finished off by lots of stretching and meditative yoga!

10:30am – 11am – Rest & Refuel – we actually popped into a local Costco and picked up our “healthy supplies” – usually consists of nuts, berries, almond milk, protein powder, fruit, and some cheat snacks. The hotel was actually very accommodating with this, as I’m sure it would be a questionable thing to arrive with, but it helped us get through the trip without eating too many naughty treats (trust me, we still had our share, including the mango popsicles mmm!).

11am – 2pm – Time to catch some rays and enjoy the sweeping views of El Arco, the famous The infinity pool is truly special, and if you pick a time of year that is a little quieter, or stay for an entire week, there will be times it will feel like your own spot! There are also a few other pools scattered throughout the property, so every day you can pick a new spot to hang out. I loved this because we really wanted to relax and recharge, and this was the perfect spot, we didn’t have to venture far at all! There is a fantastic Pool Bar, and lots of yummy aqua-dining-options (shrimps, fries and mango popsicles for dessert, please and thank you!). 

2pm – 5pm – If you want to take a lazy day you can dine at The Ledge, right at the hotel, also a great breakfast option with a yummy buffet.

Or you can…Explore Cabo! There are lots of destinations, try The Office on the Beach for lunch. Tuck your toes in the sand and enjoy some authentic Baja Shrimp and endless cocktails (mock-tails or more coffee depending on your preference ;)).

You can also spend the afternoon fishing on the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean, at some very special spots. I know, I know, not everyone enjoys fishing, but part of vacationing is about trying something new – so head over to the docks and meet Picante, who will help you catch all my faves – yellowfin tuna, Mahi Mahi, Snapper or even Marlin – all while you catch more rays!

5pm – 7pm – Schedule a massage at the spa, on the beach! Or take a perfect bath in the soaker tubs, and recharge those batteries for dinner and dancing!

7pm – 10pm (or until the next morning, if you so choose!) – Dinner dates are easy peasy, and there are lots of hidden gem hidden right at the hotel – including Manta, and our personal fave, The Roof Top!

We were completely blown away from The Roof Top. The first evening we went we were serenaded by a string quartet to our favourite EDM tracks at sunset, surreal. At that point I was still taking in all of the design details, which Javier Sanchez made custom to help make the hotel feel authentic and rich in textures and uniqueness.

Guys, Condé Nast Traveler voted it one of the best sunsets in the world… we couldn’t agree more.

Another romantic destination was the Mona Lisa, which happened to be walking distance (under 2 minutes!) from the hotel! Originally swept away by a hurricane, the restaurant was re-built and is in full force with it’s beautiful sunsets and yummy truffle pasta! (Can we take a moment to giggle at the sculpture in the back?...teehee!!)

But seriously, the thing we loved the most about this restaurant is that we actually enjoyed the hotel MORE, and thought… why leave? The views were exquisite right from our very own roof top!

Take our day-in-the-life and repeat x7 (or whatever time you have to get away!)! Enjoy my friends. Again, bookings online or here.

If you like villa vibes, waking up to the surfers serenading you on the waves, infinity pools, massages on the beach, endless mango smoothie pops and spending quality time getting some R and R with your loved ones… you’ll love The Cape.

And if you want to make a keepsake photo book of your journey, check out one of my favourite sites here.

Any excuse to make more memories and more photobooks!

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