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Finds: Pure Art

Finds: Pure Art

I believe it’s important to carry a piece of paradise with you, wherever you go! That could be a fond memory, a photo book of amazing moments or even some special treasures of places you’ve visited. And I’m all about the thrill of the hunt - I have developed a pretty refined taste when it comes to searching for treasures for your home. I’m always looking for little shops that have a lot to offer, and Pure Art is one of those spots!


The best part is that this beautiful shop is curated and hosted by the lovely, Deb, and her team is beyond helpful finding the perfect gifts for you or your friends and family.

Pure Art is full to the brim of local art (Photography and canvas medium!), local gifts (Candles! Christmas ornaments!) and local jewelry (Stackables and more!).

For me, I like to fill our lives with fun momentos of places we’ve been, and I’ve included a few of the gifts we’ve put together for those who come to visit us in Paradise.


Let’s get SERIOUS. I love, love, love, love COFFEE! And I’m always critiquing cups, because it is seriously hard to find the perfect mug. It has to be the right size (needs to fit a considerable amount of coffee! LOL), shape, easy and comfortable to hold.

These mugs are one of my personal faves and I plan on sending all our guests home with their own, so they can enjoy their coffees remembering their Cayman adventures.


I have also fallen in love with these petit Cayman Cottages that are hand crafted by Patricia Nicholson (who was born in Montreal, Canada and lives in Cayman). They can be purchased in a few special shops around the island, and they make the perfect gift and spot to hang your keys when you get home.


You can’t go wrong with a little host/hostess gift of natural salts. These are not only love additions to your dining table, but they are helpful when you’re preparing in the kitchen!


And this coffee…by far our new favourite find on the island. Island roasted and even called “Good Morning Cayman”, we might even have to make an extra pot!

Enjoy your weekend!

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