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Finds: Laughing At Plans

Finds: Laughing At Plans


There is a really cheese saying that goes: "We plan, God laughs", because when do our days ever really go perfectly as planned? Ha! As important as it is to go with the flow, it is also super valuable to be organized and to plan your days/weeks properly so that stress stays at a minimum...And sometimes you just have to laugh at your plans! 

This week I'm celebrating with Chapters Indigo for back to school, which really feels like a fresh start for all! It’s back to school for the kiddies, but I don’t think they should be the only one getting a fresh start. Staying organized is truly an art, both in your personal and professional world. One of my favourite things (major GEEK moment) when starting school every September was the day planners. Fresh pages, new pens and a crisp outlook on the year ahead! I think journals and day timers are great for mummies too, to help coordinate weekly schedules, practice, pick up, drop offs, and before/after school activities!


I also believe picking your planner can be the perfect accessory to add to your every day - reflecting your personal style, positive affirmations and the more you love it – the more you will use it!

I put a lot of thought into binding of the book (second GEEK moment!),  while some prefer spiral, I love a lay flat journal that has full day pages so you can take notes and log every hour (I work on an hourly, hehe!). Others are more on an overall daily schedule, and planners are perfect for reminding you of baseball practice, yoga and that oh-so-delicious vacation or long weekend you have to look forward to!

Isn't it nice to see your plans laid out? Even if they don't all end up happening, it gives you piece of mind when the world seems to be spinning out of control and there just are not enough hours in the day. Saving grace, day timers and planning to the rescue!

I am also loving this brand called Me and My Big Ideas, because they’ve taken that shiny new year feeling and amped it up to ten. You can shop their day planners, sticker accessories, and there are even weekly planners where you can add your own sticker photos (STAP!).  If only they had these when I was still in school…!

I ADORE Me and My Big Ideas, because they also really make journaling, scheduling and planning FUN. This option allows you to pop fun colours, stickers, and happy moment stickers to create a memory book. Makin' memories is the fun part, but remembering can also be a TON of fun too!


I keep my planner by my bed, because I’m constantly e-mailing/texting/scheduling, and I love to make sure I have all my meetings, appointments with clients and personal events scheduled so I can make the most of my entire day! Ang go figure, I love my blue and white planner because it camouflages itself perfectly into my house, LOL.

What do you use your planner for? Ready to start a fresh “new year”? Only four months left in 2017, and I know I’m excited to already be planning into 2018!

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