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Fun: Bachelorette Bites

Fun: Bachelorette Bites

This weekend was ALL about my Valentine. Jessica Valentine, that is! I’ve been lucky enough to know this lady in love for over 10 years, and couldn’t ask for a better friend.  You can imagine my excitement when she asked me to be a bridesmaid! Especially since I myself am in full bride-zilla mode, along with our fellow engagee Elizabeth and our cutie pregnant (and already married) Kara!

We’ve had a lot of fun over the years (hello 20s!) and now that we’re entering this new decade of our lives, it is a little bit more fun to be sophisticated, thoughtful and spend time doing quality things as a bachelorette brigade!

I would say some of our (many) common interests include making memories (and documenting them!),  make-up (Bite!), treats (Dolci!), and of course BLUE AND WHITE (everything we both own!). We love spending time together getting silly, and "adult-ing" as we like to call it! Doing these activities as a group can be a really special way to catch up.

Our little bachelorette brigade put our thinking caps together and Jessie’s maid of honour, Elizabeth, and bridesmaid, Kara, came up with the loveliest of afternoons, which I just had to share. We highly recommend everything we did, and will share what we loved, would change and how you too can have the perfect afternoon (or all night slumber party) with your gals too!

Tip: Plan in advance

It’s important with a mini or larger group to book in advance. I’ve included all the contact information for our spots, but our other bestie Google is perfect for a quick search. Whether its making lip sticks or having a dinner, its great to set a time with some buffer for travel and gossip breaks!


First Stop: Bite & Lip Stick Creations!

Bite Lip Lab is such a charming spot, also a very trendy space to help amp up the excitement of the day. Best part? You get a bridal take away, or even a colour for every day.

Bite Lip Lab is a Toronto-based cosmetic brand that really stands behind and stresses it is organic, edible (and delicious!). As girls who have really cleaned house and mostly gone organic, even with creams and make-up, this was a super refreshing element!

Founder and creator Susanne Langmuir's motto is, "You eat what you put on your lips, so your lipstick should be good for you."

With hundreds of shades and colours, you can come in with the goal of finding an every day lip pop or something that really makes you stand out. We all went a little pink, a lot neutral and kept it quite satin/matte, so we could be gloss optional!

Getting one walk-in a la carte custom lippy is $55, $80 for two. The custom hour process with consultation and two lipsticks is $150. 

Second stop: Dolci Macaron Making!

This was a super duper cute idea, making macarons (pronounced mac-a-rrrrrrron, not maca-roon) at Le Dolci, as we all enjoy baking and are pretty Type-A (as in Type-All-The-Fun). I would definitely warn you, come prepared to work. It’s not a walk in the park (especially if you’re like me and like to taste the batter, chat it up, dilly-dally). And definitely pack some snacks, because they don’t feed you, but they do send you home with a bundle of your treats! (We snuck out while our macarons baked for 14 minutes and grabbed a hot coffee and treats, so you will survive!)

We learned a lot, and they have lovely chefs that like to joke around and make it a super fun experience for everyone. We won’t give too much away, but if you love to snack on those on these tasty treats, you will leave learning about them more in depth, as well as with a new appreciation for all the hard work that these baking masters put into these cuties!

A little take-away from the end of the class. Classes run around $105-$120. 

A little take-away from the end of the class. Classes run around $105-$120. 

Another perk? You get a take-away box of all the treats the class made (pretty sure no one wanted ours as they were mis-shaped and made with %150 pure love). I will definitely be going back...Because hello! They have Cinnamon Bun making classes too, score!

And then the sleepover, which lasted ALL night, as does every good girls night. Think treats + talks + tummy aches (from all the giggles) + memories to last a lifetime! 

I'm one lucky lady to have Valentine in my life!

Next up... her BIG DAY! xx

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