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The Dream Bed

I have been dreaming of the Dream Bed for…years!

When I found out that we were officially moving to the Cayman Islands, my immediate design instinct was to mentally prepare for this imaginary home we would be living in. I wanted to make sure that the 40’ crate we filled to the brim was filled with items that would compliment our new island lifestyle – and of course our Jeep, our boy Blue!


I’ve also always loved the scale of this headboard, and the cozy, cozy wings that make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Paired perfectly with my Tempuredic Mattress, this headboard is really all that the name says it is, The Dream Bed.

For me it’s the cherry on top of our dreamy blue and white master bedroom, and it adds a touch of comfort that really makes this space feel like a home to us. I’m actually pleasantly surprised that my fiancée, Sandro, loves it all as well! I can definitely admit that I got my blue and white obsession OUT in this master bedroom, and I’m starting to shift my design loves into the modern world…ohhh, next time, next house!


So for now…while I continue to work on the rest of our #SuiteSea…This is the cloud you will find me on. The perfect perch to continue day dreaming of design!

And share with you where you can also get your dream bed! 

Gallery Wall With Poster Jack

Gallery Wall With Poster Jack