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Suite Sea Befores

Moving is a massive task, I think we can all agree. Especially when you’re moving countries! There are two types of ex-pats you meet in the Cayman Islands, those who packed up 10 suit cases and said “Bring it on, adventure!”, and those who took it a few steps beyond and brought a crate/their entire lives. I think now that we have completed being the latter of the two, many would reconsider our choice, but for us, it helped us make the Suite Sea our home.

For us, our adventure began with a 40’ crate parked outside of my in-laws house that was filled to the brim with all of our belongings and a Jeep! And to the brim, I mean, there was not an inch left of space, and we had even filled the Jeep up with outdoor furniture, cushions and (every designer will understand) lamps!

When we decided to move to the Cayman Islands, my financée and I found a place that was almost too-good-to-be-true, on the ocean, bottom of the best beach, Seven Mile, and had everything we wanted on our must-have check list – two bedrooms (we plan on having lots of guests come winter), two bathrooms, and a “great room” that included an open concept kitchen, living and dining area. The caveat was that we weren't able to see our new Suite Sea home...until we moved in!

A true blessing came when I was able to visit our new home (and take a few measurements!) a month before moving (see Cayman Vows, on news stands now!). Or was it a blessing? Haha, I was filled with inspiration, determination, and of course ready to zip home and order anything last minute that was needed for our new home!

I was also able to visit with two of my sweetest friends, Victoria Radford (check her out here!) and my new island sister, Taraneh! Victoria has stood by my side through all lifes' twists and turns (sometimes a straight up roller coaster), including all the luxurious travel we’ve been lucky to experience together, and I loved having her with me to give me her “two cents” and check out her new future guest room. I was lucky to be introduced to Taraneh by my fiancée, and ever since our first four hour coffee, we’ve been so connected. Having her help guide me, share her advice, offer her loving friendship to me, has been such an unbelievable gift. She also gifted me this gorgeous (and perfectly blue and white) romper, as romper life is pretty much all I wear on island. Having lived on island for 7 years herself, you can bet she knew it all (including when I would have a mini freak out, where she was waiting for me with coffee in hand, and endless beach walks).

I also have to give credit Victoria, who helped me brainstorm the name Suite Sea, which I wanted to pen as a fun hashtag to follow our adventures here, as well as a reminder to us and guests of just how sweet it is to be by the sea. Check it out on Instagram!

Seeing our Suite (as I like to call it, because I don’t fancy the word apartment) for the first time, was nothing short of magical. We’re located on the third floor, just above the ocean, with views of the water from every single room. The guest room has sunrise and sunset, the “great room” makes you feel like you’re a bird flying over the ocean, and the master bedroom is so calming with it’s perch at the top of a palm tree overlooking the water.

I wanted to start sharing a few of the before photos of our Suite Sea, as it is definitely on island time over here when it comes to settling in and making this our new home. I’m also excited for our guests to start arriving and having their own corner of the Suite Sea to call their own. As we slowly piece together this lovely space, I’m going to share some of our adventures and tips along the way, in hopes that I can inspire you to create your own version of the Suite Sea!

For now I’ll leave you with the before befores…which means the photos of our first visit, before we officially moved, before the crate arrived, before we couldn’t see the floor, before we had painted, before we had hung anything on the walls, and before we could really call this our Suite Sea.

The Master Bedroom (before)

The Living Room (before)

The Guest Room (before)

And a final photo of me with my angels, offering their friendship and love, and holding me up when I was about ready to fall over in anticipation and excitement!

Pop it in your calendar, I'm going to be sharing updates of the Suite Sea every Wednesday! Can't wait for you to see our coastal adventures in paradise! 

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