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Knotty Knobs

Keeping organized in our Suite Sea is paramount because we moved from a house, into a smaller space with minimal storage. So when it came time to place our orders at IKEA for moving, a dresser with storage was top of my list!

This IKEA Hemnes 6 chest-drawer-dresser requires a little love and labour to assemble, but at under $200, it is SO worth it. I love the space in the drawers, with lovely little lining at the bottom on the inside, and the black knobs are actually quite stylish (we kept those on our previous dresser in Canada).

When we moved to Cayman, my mind went into coastal overload, and I knew this was going to be my first home project (that is once we could see the floor of our home!)– popping on some nautical knobs! Or Knotty Knobs, as they're called ;)

I’ve used these before for clients, and they make a lovely statement and add a little texture. The thing I love most about sharing this project with you all is that it is truly the easiest update you can do to your dressers, nightstands and cabinets at home – switch out the hardware! And these days, hardware extends past door knobs, kitchen handles and cupboards, there are endless choices and styles that can add whatever floats your boat to your knob selection!

For these knobs, you don’t need any tools, which also makes it that much more fun!

The knobs I chose come in a pair for under $10 and I used them on our nightstands to tie in the look throughout the room (which I will be sharing shortly!).

The only down side I would share (and my mother in law had the same issue), was that the interior of the knob does stick a little into the drawer, so user beware of your delicates! Otherwise I’m as pleased as pie with the way these turned out!

I also love the candle that my girlfriends gave me when I moved here, to take a little piece of home with me. This candle is called The Beaches from the Vancouver Candle Company, and they make the perfect gift. They also have them for lots of other neighbourhoods and streets, I’ve linked a few of the other ones I’ve lived at and their website has lots more!


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Bright Whites

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