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Giving a name to our little apartment on the ocean was important to me because as we progress (on island time!) to revamp our paradise in the sky, I wanted to be able to create a hash tag that would allow our friends and family to follow along!

So ladies and gentlemen...(although I'm sure this is more ladies!)...Introducing the #SuiteSea!


These days it is also lovely to be able to define yourself from the pack and for your journey to be something that can be documented as you progress – no matter how big or how little it’s progress.

As I was on island for my very first time, and the magic of Cayman was hitting me like a freight train, I lay stretched out on the beach with my girlfriend, Victoria Radford, bouncing fun names back and forth.


One of my favourite moments on the island is how all the substantial plots of land are named after Kai, which in Hawaiian means “ocean”. So there are lots of fun takes on that name out at our version of cottage country, Rum Point, like Kailypso, Coco Kai Kai Vista, Cozy Kai, Flip Flop Kai, Kaibo, and many other adorable names like a Mid Winter Nights Dream, The Pink Beach House, Treasure Cove… And I’ve long loved these sweet ways of idolizing your piece of paradise.

Victoria and I volleyed the ideas back and forth and eventually came on the fun word play of Sweet Sea, and came up with Suite Sea, because our apartment has two ensuites, and is right on top of the ocean.

I had also long kept this image on one of my pinterest boards dreaming that I could pop this on one of my walls of a summer abode one day…


So here it is! My take on a proper Suite Sea introduction, and the perfect perch for our guests to throw their beach towels and beach bags!

Now my friends and family, time to book those tickets to visit us!!


If your home had a hash tag, what would it be? He he !


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