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Gallery Wall With Poster Jack

Gallery Wall With Poster Jack

Happy Holidays everyone! I’ve teamed up with Poster Jack for an excellent gallery wall giveaway to help you get your very own prints started. If you follow me, @posterjack, and tag someone you would love to create a gallery wall for or with, you could win a $200 gift card to Poster Jack! Enter on my Instagram post for your chance to win.

Gallery Wall Gifting is a real thing, guys! I can’t tell you the number of walls I’ve put together for clients and family members, and this style of gallery wall is super interchangeable and flexible, so there is really no commitment. They are also addictive. If you have a wall in your home that needs some updating, this is a very affordable and easy way to pop up some art (home made or invested) and create a unique, dynamic and fun accent wall in your space.

Normally for my clients I would suggest adding a lovely new coat of paint to the walls, and the second thing is to really personalize the space with some artwork or a gallery wall. As you can tell I’m loving our beachy vibes at the Suite Sea, so I wanted to bring in as much of that laid back attitude as possible.


Let’s start from the beginning – Here are the Picture Ledges that we bought from Ikea. You can also use trim, or hardware store mouldings and get creative. There are also a lot of awesome industrial looks happening too, if you’re more of a modern guy/gal and looking for a sleeker look.

I used these ones, under $10!

I also love the look of this Harvest Art Ledge from EQ3, if you’re going for a more rustic look:

In our case, I wanted to maximize the wall space and after having paint and re-painted the wall from white, to blue, to white again, I was finally happy with the white washed beach look.

Working with Poster Jack was a natural move, and when they approached me the timing couldn’t have been better – I wanted to create a look that was a little more cohesive than the funky pieced together beach look that I had going on. I like to draw inspiration from everywhere, and one of my favourite looks currently is Monika Hibbs’ hall way. I love that she’s done a family wall as well, which is a fantastic way to personalize some family photos but still get that cohesive and clean look.

Image from Monika Hibbs Gallery Wall 

Image from Monika Hibbs Gallery Wall 

Poster Jack really wowed me when we started to go back and forth about design ideas. I wanted to have a look that was something I would do for my clients, and I generally love a classic floater frame for unique pieces of artwork. There is also something very charming about a white matte around a black and white photo that can really add yet another design dimension to the look of the wall.

I was happily surprised also by the quality of the printing, and the fact that the overall look is super timeless (not too glossy or too matte), and really adds an artistic integrity to the wall.


I kept it simple with the images and hopped over the www.etsy.com and purchased a few images in black and white that have high resolution, and I created a “mood board” below to get an idea of how they would all work together. My final look had a few adjustments, but its really to get the feel of the narrative that each image would tell. I highly recommend doing that if you plan on ordering more than a few images, to plan out your personal look so that you get the feel for scale and flow.

Poster Jack as so many fabulous options as well. It was a tough decision because I love the medium of photography, and printing is such another dimension to your art.


A lot of us are familiar with Canvas Prints, which I’ve linked for you to explore. This is a fun way to get a Triptych look, a trio of images larger scale to fill your walls with colour and a beautiful story. You could keep it simple and do single Canvas Print, or go as bold with as many as you would like.

I was also super excited to research a bit about new Specialty Printing. For example. HD Metal Print which is printed on glossy, white aluminum, and can look so chic and industrial or add some edge to your classic photo prints.

Acrylic Prints have also popped up as awesome, modern ways to have your images printed and mounted in a new and dynamic way that will have people stepping closer to your images to discover the details.

Wood Prints are so loaded with character and can add a patina to your images. So if you love that more dimensional, woodgrain look, this is a pleasing option.

And last but certainly not least was an option I almost went with, called Acrylic Block printing. I love the look of these and they would look so elegant stacked on a mantle, fireplace, in some built in bookshelves, and would really add some great fun to a kids room too. Perfecto jam pack some memories that you would like to have around the house with!

Here is the link to the Gallery Box frame that I used for my prints, and my scale was 24” x 36”. I loved the repeated look and being able to mimic the matte look with each of the photographs, which I think would work so well with black and white family photos as well!

There are also so many frame options...! In case that wasn't enough info for you ;) Just feel like over sharing right now. 


Special thank you to Poster Jack for making the Gallery Wall of my dreams come true. I’m looking forward to seeing what Poster Jack creations you come up with as well! Don't forget to enter my give away on my Instagram page! Cheers y'all and Happy New Year!

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