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Fabulous Floral

The master bedroom in the Suite Sea is coming along step by step, and now its time to tackle the fun stuff! 

Wall paper is BACK with a vengeance my friends! Okay, okay. I know this isn’t exactly news, but I am in dreamland over my partnership with Brewster Home Fashions and literally on cloud nine that this wall paper has come into my life! Thank you Brewster for making all my wall paper dreams come true in the Suite Sea.  


I normally go crazy-in-love for powder room wallpaper, because I love a pop of surprise pattern and detail in a smaller space. I’ve also long loved the textured look of grass cloth in a bedroom to cozy it up and I think adding that texture to a space can dramatically enhance the look of a typical headboard, painted wall look.

For our master bedroom I wanted to keep things blue and white and super cozy, so I went with a fun pattern (that luckily my financé LOVES!). It's so dreamy and sweet, I’ve linked the wall paper we used here. And for your reference we needed approximately 5 double rolls for our bedroom!


I was completely astonished by how easy this beautiful paper was to install. And I have not always considered myself a DIY-er. But…ever since my HGTV days, I have had to really step up my DIY game working next to some of the best of the best. And I make sure to TAKE NOTE when I do, so that when it comes time for me to implement some new designs or DIY into a space, I know how to cut corners efficiently. 


On The Expandables, my co-host and too-cool-contractor Rob Evans, taught me a lot of the survivor tricks of the trade (don't tell him I said this!! LOL). These are things that I would have had to do entirely wrong the first time to figure out I was even doing them wrong! SO...let me share a couple tips for install:

-       Measure the height of your wall and then measure onto the paper, while adding 10”, 5” on the top and the bottom to ensure that you can edge on the wall

-       Measure to the centre of the wall and start by wall papering from the center of the space (if that is your focal point, for example, above the bed)

-       With wall adhesive, I like to make sure to spread around edges thoroughly so that once hung on the wall it doesn’t buckle or need too much more adhesive application

-       When applying the wall adhesive to the back of the wall paper, gently fold the wall paper onto itself with the printed side together (this will allow you to carry it into the other room with it getting “goo” everywhere!)

Make sure to “cut as you go” when it comes to wall paper with a pattern, as sometimes I like to prepare wall paper cuts, in this case you want to bring the paper in with you to match up the repeated pattern


Make sure to have some fun with this! I put on some stretchy yoga pants, some country music, and made a big pot of coffee! A BIG THANK YOU to Brewster Home Fashions! You're the best and I can't wait for our next wall paper adventure. 

Be sure to check out our Instagram hashtag #SuiteSea for more behind the scenes of our cute little Suite make over! 



Bright Whites

Bright Whites