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Bright Whites

On island, sometimes the easiest update is to add a fresh coat of bright white, and to let the ocean blues to the talking. A makeover doesn’t have to break the bank, and it can also be cause for a little DIY celebration!

This was a sure way for my financé and I to bond with our new digs, and we rolled up our sleeves and painted the entire apartment in under a weekend. It was important for us to do this before the bulk of our furniture arrived, as it’s always easier to ensure you can access all the walls, and so you don’t have any paint slip ups.

I also recommending trying this before you go on to add pops of colour, feature walls, and wall paper, as it really helps you to evaluate the space and determine what colour story you want to tell. It makes the perfect clean slate, however choosing the white is an important step as white’s can read green, blue, grey, and are truly chameleons when it comes to natural light, artificial light and space shape.

Consider the space you're painting and the vibe you want to set. For our master we wanted cool, relaxing and a happy medium between a cool bright white and a warm white. Selecting a paint colour can be a challenge, so for me, I immediately went into my bank of favourite whites, and thought I would share a couple we used!

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace – OC-65

This colour really adds a special warmth to a space, and picks up on natural light beautifully. In our space, we get a lot of natural light, so it was the perfect compliment to our traditional style and open space.


Benjamin MooreDove White – OC-17

This is the perfect white with spaces that see cloudy skies, but it can also add the perfect crisp white to a traditional space like a dining room or powder room.



Benjamin MoorePaper White – OC-55

This can be a lovely colour for kitchens and bathrooms to pick up on Carrara marbles, and we used it as a subtle ceiling colour. 


If you’re looking for the best white for your space, I would definitely recommending doing some swatches in each of the rooms you’re planning to paint, as each room will receive light differently (both natural and artificial). Allow your paint to dry, and you may surprise yourself when you find the perfect match! 

Fabulous Floral

Fabulous Floral

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