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Après Sea

Have you ever looked for a sign when going to make a big decision? Have you kept an open heart, looked for a signal from the universe and put all your good energy into feeling positive vibes? I do it all the time.

When we started to discuss moving to Grand Cayman, both Sandro and I were cautiously excited. To make such a big move, life changing in so many ways, to a place he had visited for 48 hours, and I had never been to, was major for both of us.

I asked the universe for a sign. Please, please, please, show me we are making the right decision.

I definitely believe in looking for signs every where you turn, putting good vibes out into the world so that good things happen to you and the ones you love in return. Sure enough, those good vibes came in the form of a surprise opportunity, and I thank my lucky stars every day for it! 

I had been working at a Home Show in Winnipeg, and had agreed to work with my girlfriend Victoria Radford at the WedLuxe show the day after landing from a late night flight. And let’s be honest, whenever Victoria and I get together, there’s always a little magic…even if I’m a little sleepy!

Victoria is THE most fabulous make up artist, and one of my closest friends. I’m linking her site here for bookings, and here for her social media (you will NOT want to miss out on the adventures she takes you on!). She used to tour the world with Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas (NBD), and she has always been the most entrepreneurial female (from the moment I met her she has INSPIRED me), and is also a big believer of working your butt off, putting good vibes out and following your dreams to the fullest.


Her and I have a loooong history of travelling to some beautiful and beyond fabulous places together – from Los Angeles, New York, St. Barths – we are pretty blessed in our adventures, and I'm pretty blessed to be able to call her one of my closest friends. So you can imagine when she asked me to come be a “model for a day” at The WedLuxe Wedding Show at the Carlu, that I just jumped all over that (as a newly engaged woman and of course a girl who loves to dress up and meet new people!). Anything for Victoria!

WedLuxe is also another incredible connection, which is owned by two beyond entrepreneurial spirits, founder and publisher, Angela Desveaux and husband, publisher Bruce Patterson. To be completely honest with you, I have always had a magazine crush on this magazine, as it is truly the top of the top, filled to the brim with wedding inspirations, and stories that not only give you major sneak peeks into the most gorgeous weddings, but they break them down by vendors, planners, locations, juicy tid-bits and of course dress designers, hair and make-up artists (hellllo Radford on the most recent cover for make up!).

Seriously, pick one up if you’re a bride, bridesmaid, into fashion, or want to know more about the bridal scene out there…or if you’re flat out a good friend of someone who is about to start planning their wedding! And give them a follow, they update their social media multiple times a day with major like-worthy, original content! 

What completely shocked me was how much their very intimate team accomplishes, with such a high level of sophistication. Meeting them at the WedLuxe show was the most lovely, starting with Elizabeth Clark (senior editor of fashion and style), who introduced me to Angela Desveaux… where we quickly discovered that not only had we worked together in the past, but she was also going to be starting a new magazine called Cayman Vows…in Cayman (well, based out of the US, but you get the idea!). 

Fast forward a few weeks, and WedLuxe continues their collaborations with Victoria Radford, and they bring me out of retirement to model for them down in the Grand Cayman! You can imagine my excitement, because if I ever needed a sign that we were making the right decision, this was either going to make or break it all! I was going to get 8 full days in my new home – to explore, investigate new business opportunities, meet new friends, discover new hot spots, and coolest of all…I was going to get to see our little suite/apartment/condo for the first time since we had (sight unseen!) scooped it up for our move a month later! You can imagine my excitement when I packed up my bikinis, my tape measure, my camera, and boarded a flight to my new home…!

Here are a few of the places we discovered and fell in love with (I will share more about in my coming Travel posts):


Caribbean Club – This is where we stayed in a few of the Villas. Rooming with the WedLuxe Team, Victoria and getting to see all of the effort and planning that went into all of the other shoots was so inspiring. Also – Girl Time! Missing my roommates already. The Caribbean Club is really one of a kind. You instantly feel at home, as it’s completely set up like an apartment with a big open kitchen, dining and living room. We will definitely be recommending to our family and friends, as I'm sure our apartment will be full!


Kimpton - Seafire Resort & Spa - I can already predict I will be coming back to this location many, many times...perhaps even host our wedding here? It has something for everyone, at all times of the day - from weekend brunches on the water, cocktails by the pool, modern and contemporary atmosphere, inspiring décor, a spa, and delicious dinners! 


Sun Serenity by Encompass Cayman Construction - This villa is unbelievable! We shot here for the day for Cayman Vows, and had the chance to meet the incredible husband and wife team of Encompass. You can book directly through them, host a party, stay the week with your family. It's private, ocean front, secluded beach with two master bedrooms that float over the pool area...Dreamy! 

Put your good vibes out there, and keep on the look out for positive signs. They're everywhere!

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