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Sunshine Dreams

What inspires you?

I found inspiration in a dream of how I have always wanted my life to feel; a feeling I have always wanted to create for my own life.

Sunshine dreams

I adore this photo below of India Hicks. Sitting perched  at the end of a dock, flanked on either side with her furry best friend and her sweet child, peaceful, and tranquil-esque. She is the daughter of famous interior designer David Hicks, is the owner of her own lifestyle brand that has inspired me for some time, and is also a fellow island girl, living in the Bahamas. This image has always brought me such feelings of happiness and hope because it represents so many of my own pillars of inspiration.

My profession as a designer is steeped a lot in inspiration, and I’ve always loved the search for it. Finding inspiration in my every day, in the little moments with family and friends, in my travels, in my experiences. But a big part of finding inspiration is learning from others and being inspired by their lives, stories and travels, as well. 

In my heart I've known, the search for true happiness was that my journey had to always be going in a certain direction, not a destination. Even in the hardest of times, I have searched for inspiration and I always thought about these images. And I've wondered to myself... how I could design a life and create my own version of happiness?

I think the biggest part of this image that inspired me was that if I was working toward creating a life I loved, that if I could find inspiration in the smallest moments, places, people, things. To know that no matter where my life would take me I would know I am happy on this journey.

If someone asked you: what are the three things that matter most to you? What would you say? Have you thought about it? Written it down? Did you change things in your life so that these three things stood out? Did you make sacrifices in order for these things to flourish, even if the results were not immediate? Start today. Write them down. Go dream about them. Make them happen.

Perhaps it's an inspirational moment caught driving with the window down; some place you pass while on your way to work each day; starting your own business; a mother tenderly grocery shopping with an excited kid that makes you smile; a perfect cup of coffee in the middle of a busy work day; coming home to a little package on your front door step; a long, hot bath.

For me, three pillars of inspiration have been unwavering: my family, finding strength, encouraging passion.

When I think of the Cayman Islands, I’m so inspired to combine all of the things that matter most to both of us. And I'm so inspired to share our journey. 

In the meantime, here are some of the moments a la India Hicks that have inspired me for a long, long time. 

And I would love to hear what inspires you to create your best life! 

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Après Sea

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