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Let There Be Light

Let me introduce you to the chandelier of all...ancient chandeliers. Wow. What a statement this light makes. Perhaps in another life or another time I could have repurposed this? Luckily it went to a new home…the recycling. As it looks like it was installed with the original creation of this house, it fell to pieces when it was taken down. The scale was spot on, but it was hanging on by a thread (as you can see by the lovely hook attached to the ceiling). 

Choosing lighting for our space was like choosing jewelry to put on before going out. As a designer I tend to adore this part of decorating, and will normally look for something simple, classic, and possibly even vintage. 

Origianally I was inspired by this Italian Camer Chrome and Tronchi Glass Tube Chandelier, from 1stdibs.com, made in the 1970's. I love everything about the Camer Glassmaker's collection they carry. I would still like to incorporate their luminescent lighting into my home at some point, but I kept on searching. 

For our home, I knew the bones were relatively vintage themselves, and with a medium budget to spend on lighting I also wanted something with a little pop to it. Something that I could take with us and use again, but also something that I would feel could really make a statement and transform a space. 

Then, of course there's Kelly Wearstler, who I have long since admired for her bold beauty in design, and also playfulness in her statement creations (do you have an hour to flip through her site? Inspired!). I find myself gravitating towards this more modern look, fused with a traditional backdrop. Perhaps when we own our home...


When I accessorize my outfits I usually will keep it neutral and elegant, a pair of statement pearls (big or small), with an Hermes bracelet (big or small or both) that I got for my 30th Birthday from my hubby, and a simple pearl necklace from one of my best friends. I wanted our house to have the same feel as how we dress and accessorize, clean and coastal, with a mix of highs and lows. 

I love a good little statement earring, just like I love a good statement light!

I love a good little statement earring, just like I love a good statement light!

I was also hoping to pull in some new warmer tones. I was really trying to keep this space cozy and coastal, and balancing between either a polished nickel or a warm gold tone.

On a day to day, I see a lot of lighting as I’m searching for the perfect jewelry for my clients spaces. I think that can be the fun part, but it can also be overwhelming as there are so many fabulous options out there. 

This Visual Comfort Niermann Weeks Calais 2 Light 24 inch Gilded Iron Sconce Wall Light, Niermann Weeks, Medium, Clear Glass, was a real contender. I loved the textural quality to it, and the finish. I also loved how unique and contemporary it is, but it wasn't just the right fit. 

I've also loved this Restoration Hardware Clay Bead Empire Chandelier for some time, but the height of it being 45" was a little too dramatic for our 9' ceilings and would have obstructed views across the table. But in a larger space? Hello! 

A light I love from Muskoka Living Interiors, also Visual Comfort 

A light I love from Muskoka Living Interiors, also Visual Comfort 

We started with a Visual Comfort pendant light that was a chrome and had a similar shape to the table we were working with, round. The issue with our space is given the height of the ceilings, and the traditional height in which you hang your pendant from the table top to the bottom of the fixture (33”-34”), you could see the top of the light. Trial and error, and one visit from our electrician later, and you could see the top of the light, which sadly, was unfinished.

This  Studio McGee   rendering is a fab illustration to help you hang your fixtures

This Studio McGee  rendering is a fab illustration to help you hang your fixtures

Our electricians love to hate us designers, because with our clients we measure twice and install once (hopefully!). But when it comes to our personal homes, we are constantly changing things and moving them around, adding new fixtures, changing the heights, and really giving them a run for their money (or our money, I guess you could say!). 

On that note I think it’s very important that you work with professionals that you can trust and who are good at what they do. Let’s just say, my chandelier came in a million pieces and I knew after 5 minutes of unsuccessful assembly, and one photo mocking me from my husband, that I would call a professional.

Our dream fixture from  Union Lighting , in Toronto

Our dream fixture from Union Lighting, in Toronto

Once it was installed, we couldn’t have been happier.  It has masculine lines to it, reminds me of the vintage Italian glass pendants that I’ve always loved, but has a unique flare and finish to it that really compliments us and our dining space. We also had Ann Marie Coolick add to our space with one her fun (and super affordable) pieces. 


Now, let there be light (and lots of dinner parties)! Ha ha!


Coastal Casual

Coastal Casual

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