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Gather Round

Picking the perfect dining room table was key for our space, but also taking into consideration the overall size and flow of our space.

Our goal was to find a multi-functional surface:

-       Something that we would actually use (think dinner, dinner parties, games night, etc)

-       A piece of furniture we could consider an investment piece and take with us when we move

-       Something that could also pull double duty as a day time desk

Investment Furniture

As renters it’s always important to consider that you may be in this space for a good time, not a long time. So when it came to furnishing the space we picked out our key pieces and decided that our dining room table would be a good place to invest for our future home a little bit.

Perhaps it would function as a dining room table now, but in the future could also be the perfect place to perch just beside a kitchen area, as round tables have a lot of flexibility. 

From the lovely kitchen of  Rachel Parcell

From the lovely kitchen of Rachel Parcell

Material Matters

Here’s the thing, I have always dreamed of having a big marble surface in my home. In my dream world I would have a sprawling kitchen island, with surrounding counter tops and backsplash covered in marble (for beauty!) and quartz (durability!).

To me, getting in a little natural texture to a space (whether its wood, leather or marble) is as important as incorporating the paint colours and textiles. However, for our rental space, there was no opportunity to renovate our kitchen and add some marble (counters or backsplash), and there are only so many surfaces to work with in a smaller space. For us, having a round table that we could take with us, something classic, traditional, that would stand the test of time, was the perfect place to start.

The Saarinen Table, from Knoll in Arabescato marble with satin finish

The Saarinen Table, from Knoll in Arabescato marble with satin finish

Perfect Place To Start

Both of us have come from downtown Toronto, where it’s all about the condo/townhouse life, and everything is quite modern.

I love the look of this Saarinen style table, or Tulip Table and have always thought the pedestal style of it was classic enough to translate into a modern space and vice versa. Designed by Eero Saarinen, the Finnish American industrial designer and architect (1910-1961), created iconic pieces that combined sculptural curves with the elegant lines into a table that is timeless. Today there are lots of versions out there, with the original collection taken over by Knoll. Our rental space being very traditional, I loved the shape of this table and was very inspired by the marble top.

The durability of marble always comes into question when its’ being considered for a tile, a counter top, a backsplash, furniture, etc. In our case, although marble can be quite porous, we are not a “precious” family. I intend for our marble to get a lot of wear and tear, for our guests to spill red wine on it, for there to be scuffs and love marks all over. To me, that’s what makes a house a home, the moments and memories we make in it. And although we were planning to invest in a gorgeous table, I think it is very important to consider what type of person or family you are when choosing materials. We love the look of lived in spaces and we wanted to celebrate the imperfections of our table in the years to come.

Originally we moved into our space with the IKEA round table, which has a lovely leaf extension as well. As lovely as this table is for a rental space, it’s height was a little low and left a lot to be desired as the main focal point of our space. It did inspire us with its shape and eventually find a new happy home via Kijiji! 

Our little round  IKEA  table, giving us inspiration

Our little round IKEA table, giving us inspiration

Drawing From Experience

Working with Woodcraft for our clients on The Expandables on HGTV Canada gave me all the inspiration I needed for our table base. I helped work with our team and Woodcraft to create a gorgeous harvest table for our clients Laura and Mauro, who were so excited to be able to host dinner parties in the future. The overall architectural details and fabrication of the base, and being a part of the planning process and I was hooked. We were able to conveniently fit the table to their space and give them the multi-functionality they were hoping for and dreaming of. 

The  Woodcraft  base we made for our clients on The Expandables on HGTVCanada 

The Woodcraft base we made for our clients on The Expandables on HGTVCanada 

The ideal part of working with a company like Woodcraft is that they can customize any table top to any base at any size, stain, and material. When space planning for your home, whether it’s an unusually small or big space, deciding on dimensions can be the biggest decision of all. I lived with an open tape measure on the floor for about a week before finalizing my choice.  So it can be a true luxury to be able to customize the size and scale of your table. 

Dream Table

We absolutely fell head over heels for the Salvaged Wood and Marble Trestle Round Dining Table from Restoration Hardware. It has everything we wanted from the perfect 60" size, the 2" thickness of the marble, I fell in love with the salvaged wood pedestal base and that it was something that could withstand some wear and tear, fit perfectly into our rental space and our spaces to come. 

The Journey & The Destination 

I love to celebrate the hunt for the perfect table by sharing some of my absolute favourites below with links to where you can find them all, in hopes that this will help you too find your perfect round table! 

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Research can be fun, creating mood boards and compiling dreams (and measuring twice!) can really help bring your vision to life, just like it helped for us!

Now...onto lighting!

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Bringing Cozy Back

Bringing Cozy Back