Welcome to my Design Diary! I am so excited to connect with you & share my design & lifestyle adventures!

Blue and White and Happy All Over

Blue and White and Happy All Over

A peek into our little dining room with a happy round table, all ready for brunch!

Photography by Brian Mosoff

(table - Restoration Hardware, rug - vintage, chairs - home depot, light - Visual Comfort)

Today marks an exciting day for me, as I embark on this forum of inspiration, where I get to journal, log, document, share (and over share?) my design world with you! I've long put this on my "to-do" list instead of on my "dream list", and as I've sat down to begin this process, I've realized much as my father has always taught me, once you put pen to paper and draw your first line....you're off to the races! 

"Blogging", as it is called, is a bit of an overwhelming and daunting world for me to imagine being a part of...There is a LOT of inspiration already out there, designers, lifestyle, taste makers that literally wear my senses out, inspire me and drive me to cook fitness-friendly meals, create artwork, design spaces, hit the yoga mat and spend time on things and with people that truly matter to me. By the end of that day who has time to sit down and "blog"? I'm Exhausted just looking at all the beauty that is out there, constantly and consistently inspired (literally, as I've fallen asleep with my phone/laptop on my face!)! 

But at every turn I've been asked "do you blog?", and as I put my head down in shame.. I always secretly thought inside that I would really, really LOVE IT. SO. After many discussions with some of my entrepreneurial, fabulous friends, we realized together that I needed to redefine what it meant to be a "blogger" for myself, and that's where we came to "design diaries".

I am very much a "logger", I have always been a scrap booker (I think it's as much a part of my DNA as my height is at 5'10"); I've always been snap happy with photographs; I've always loved composing, creating, and cameras of all sorts. But where did the "B" in "blogging" come from? Well for me its going to be "beauty". I have this tendency to search for the beauty in everything. I search for it in a vintage store, in the design dilemma of a space, in my every day life, I look for the happiness and the beauty. So for me, I'm ready to put my "logging" and "beauty finding" expertise out into the World Wide Web! 

I love to design and create for others, but I am a little apprehensive about sharing with the world I live in, the world I've created for myself and the ones I love...but here goes! Imperfections and all, I'm willing to begin this design diary with my first post of my cute little apartment I call home with my fiancée (wooop! we just got engaged!), who has been so supportive (and completely awesome about allowing me to decorate our home without one single peep about my blue and white obsession).....

This cozy spot needed a big face lift, but also needed to be considered as more of a DIY project than a renovation (as this is a rental afterall!). I will share some really fun ways you can update your space (for fellow renters and homeowners) and ways that you can customize your space and make it your own. Stay tuned...! 

Hugs to all!! OOOOOOOOOO

Ready, Set...Décor!

Ready, Set...Décor!